David Morey and DMG Global use a totally unique insurgent framework. The goal is to help businesses succeed. And they’ve proudly helped thousands of business leaders gain new market advantage, velocity and victory.

Gearing up for 2016, look for David Morey and Scott Miller's new book, The Leadership Campaign (Career Press 2016). And because everything and nothing changes, contact us and check out past White Papers: "WINNING IN 2012," "BEATING THE INCUMBENT CURSE," and "THE OBAMA BRAND."

In 2016, running a brilliant insurgent presidential campaigns against the status quo will be a prerequisite for winning.

Similarly, in business, in these turbulent times, new challenges demand a new strategic model that can help today’s CEOs win

Popular Speech Topics

Underdog Strategy:
Creating and executing insurgent, play-offense marketing strategies and tactics to put your business on top.

Brand Building:
Building your brand to attract customers, add market share and grow profit.

Customer Sales & Service:
Boosting your bottom line with step-by-step strategies to outflank, outfight and outsell your competitors, attract more customers—and keep them for life.

Empowering Innovation:
Using the magic of imagination to think out of the box and use creative problem-solving techniques to empower new growth and success.

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"Communication is key and no one does it better."
Dr. Dee Soder — CEO ConsigliereFounder,
CEO Perspective Group

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“….The new business model, the new political credo!.”
Hank Vigil - Microsoft

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“Companies have to adopt an underdog insurgent strategy. David Morey shows us how.”
Pete Peterson - Founder, The Blackstone Group

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“He can help make insurgents of us all.”
Anne Tasker - The Coca-Cola Company

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“He’s simply the best corporate speaker out there today.”
Steve Leff - President, CBIZ

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“This is the playbook for the insurgent warrior.”
Fran Tarkenton - NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback,
CEO of

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