How did he elect sixteen Presidents on four Continents? How did he add hundreds of millions of market value to the world’s best companies? Now, David Morey shows audiences how to use these underdog lessons to win over employees and customers…AND keep them as your strongest advocates.

With boldness and inspiration, David has shown thousands of people how to win.

Speech Topic Summaries

Insurgent Leadership. The Way To Win: David Morey has helped win many global elections and added hundreds of millions of dollars of market value to some of the world’s best companies. He details the stories, strategies and battle-tested approaches of his award-winning book, The Underdog Advantage: Using the Power of Insurgent Strategy to Put Your Business On Top (McGraw-Hill). Learn how to “play offense,” control the competitive dialogue, define your own personal leadership brand, transform your culture and add new and enduring insurgent growth and value to your business. Today, one thing is clear: If you don’t use the Insurgent Advantage yourself, it will be used against you.


Leadership, Innovation, Competitive Strategy, Culture Change, Transformation

The Power of Insurgent Marketing, Branding, Building and Selling: David Morey is one of the foremost experts in transferring and empowering insurgent political lessons to solve today’s unique business challenges. Advising some of the world’s most successful CEOs, Morey uses his cutting-edge insurgent framework to help companies drive new efficiency and effectiveness in marketing, branding and sales. His insurgent sales model and speech have ignited remarkable growth and empowered audiences around the world.


Sales Training, Marketing, Brand Building, Growth Strategies, Turnarounds

The Magic of Thinking Differently and Playing Offense: David Morey tells the story of his company’s first corporate client, Steve Jobs, and how he helped transfer political strategic discipline to the legendary Apple and the wider corporate world. Key to this speech is the power of driving innovation and creativity by thinking out of the box. In doing this, David uses the metaphor of magic to drive home lessons in insurgent thinking.


Innovation, Creativity, Leadership, Organizational Transformation, Strategic Differentiation

David has been busy early in 2014. Over the Holidays, after keynoting Merck's Global Conference with his "Insurgent Advantage" speech, David has been starring in a number of magical performances. On Saturday, January 25, he appeared before 500 at the CCACC Community Center in Gaithersburg, Maryland and on Tuesday, January 28, headlined the United States China Association of Commerce Annual dinner in Arlington, Virginia.

On Saturday, January 31st, in honor of the Chinese New Year, David will headline a performance before 4,000 at George Mason's Center for the Arts Concert Hall. In a special tribute to Chinese Magic, David will perform the "Silk Road" and "Awakening" routines before the Chinese Ambassador and various governmental officials.


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"Communication is key and no one does it better."
Dr. Dee Soder — CEO ConsigliereFounder,
CEO Perspective Group

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“….The new business model, the new political credo!.”
Hank Vigil - Microsoft

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“Companies have to adopt an underdog insurgent strategy. David Morey shows us how.”
Pete Peterson - Founder, The Blackstone Group

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“He can help make insurgents of us all.”
Anne Tasker - The Coca-Cola Company

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“He’s simply the best corporate speaker out there today.”
Steve Leff - President, CBIZ

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“This is the playbook for the insurgent warrior.”
Fran Tarkenton - NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback,
CEO of

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