It’s one of the toughest environments in business history. Today, 95% of start-up businesses fail by their 10th year—as do 80% of corporate products. 

Consumer research shows unprecedented distrust, cynicism, and even anger. For all companies, these are remarkably topsy-turvy times. And it’s the toughest time in history for the incumbent.

David Morey is one of America’s most sought after speakers.  He brings alive the insurgent strategies that helped him win presidential campaigns on four continents—and add market value and profit to some of the world’s greatest companies.

He shows audiences how to win.

Latest Media Clips

David Morey on Fox’s “Making Money with Charles Payne”: Talking About President Obama’s Trip to Louisiana

David Morey on Fox’s “Making Money with Charles Payne”: Talking About Clinton’s Business Tax Cuts

David Morey on Fox News Saturday August 6 2016. Learn from the Trump campaign: "Solve the next crisis before it happens."

David Morey
discusses the
Clinton campaign on
CNN Newsroom
August 5 2016

Fox Business News
Can Donald Trump
Turnaround His
Presidential Campaign
August 3 2016

David Morey on Fox Strategy Room with Lauren Green, June 27, 2016—Secretary Clinton-Senator Warren Chemistry

David Morey on Fox Strategy Room with Lauren Green, June 27, 2016—Supreme Court Abortion Decision

David Morey on FBN’s Making Money with Charles Payne,” June 15, 2016—“Does Trump Need A New Strategy?”

David Morey on “Making Money with Charles Payne,” June 9, 2016—“Reaction to President’s Endorsement of Clinton”

David Morey and Scott Miller on FNC’s The O’Reilly Factor, June 3, 2016—“San Jose Political Violence”

David Morey on
CNN with Rosemary Church
April 21, 2016
“Clinton vs. Sanders”

Video Promos

David Morey: Change Brings Opportunity

David Morey: Beyond Imagination

David Morey: The Underdog Advantage

Radio Interviews

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"Communication is key and no one does it better."
Dr. Dee Soder — CEO ConsigliereFounder,
CEO Perspective Group

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“….The new business model, the new political credo!.”
Hank Vigil - Microsoft

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“Companies have to adopt an underdog insurgent strategy. David Morey shows us how.”
Pete Peterson - Founder, The Blackstone Group

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“He can help make insurgents of us all.”
Anne Tasker - The Coca-Cola Company

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“He’s simply the best corporate speaker out there today.”
Steve Leff - President, CBIZ

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“This is the playbook for the insurgent warrior.”
Fran Tarkenton - NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback,
CEO of

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